Lansad: fun under the sun

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona –  Exactly three years ago today, my photography class went on another shooting spree during the Cagayan de Oro annual fiesta celebration’s streetdancing contest. It was fun while it lasted. The scorching heat around 10AM made everyone so tired. But shortly after, it started to rain and we all got drenched. It’s been a wonderful experience since the month started. We had the first DSLR exercise on the first week and midterm exams that made everybody memorizing the different parts of the SLR. You should see how some of them had a hard time loading a roll of film into that old museum-bound camera. Week after that, we all went to Bohol for the weekend. It was an unforgettable trip. Some people got so drunk that they had to crawl to get to their hotel room. I ended up sleeping in one of the beds of the students. We had the Manresa Days after. Then the city fiesta on the last week.

August 2007 was indeed fun under the sun. Here are some proofs that we all had fun and it shows.

By Pamela Lico. Photography class 2007

By Erika Lastimosa. Photography class 2007.

By Eppie Marie Lagat. Photography class 2007.

By Jhefrey Pholl Lacdo-o. Photography class 2007.

By Saluma Fi Jumawid. Photography class 2007.