DC 89

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This is the fourth part of the Lansad series. Lansad (Cebuano word meaning to launch) is the name of the Development Communication Department’s annual photography exhibit that I conceived in 2007 when I went back to teach in the university. Although the annual exhibit started way before my university years, I thought of giving it a trademark. Whenever people hear and see Lansad, they would always be reminded of my Department’s annual affair.

In 2007, I handled both the lecture and laboratory classes. I must admit that I have never taught photography in a formal setting. I did study photography exactly 20 years before that year but never have I thought that I would be standing infront 50 eager and equally talented students. I welcomed the challenge with great effort on my part. It meant reading more and researching more for every meeting was an ordeal at the start. “Just human, borne to make mistakes.”

The first Lansad exhibit, which I am proud to say, was a great success. We had the annual university exhibit for a week. We went on board a commercial passenger vessel and did the Philippines’ first ever floating photography exhibit. At the end of that semester I was exhausted and realized I upped people’s expectations of Lansad. The next annual exhibit is another tale to tell.

By Kristina Egnar. Photography Class 2007.

By Princess Dawn Felicitas. Photography Class 2007.

By Parson Fernan. Photography Class 2007.

By Stephanie Go. Photography Class 2007.

By Juri Hayashi. Photography Class 2007.