by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – it’s not your high-tech personal digital assistant. it is the old public display of affection (pda). i remember when i started my graduate studies in u.p. in the early 90s, i heard undergraduate students being warned about pda. such act in the state university is sanctioned by several administrative proceedings and could even severely expulse young adults from their studies.

what constitutes a pda? is it just kissing? is embrace not an example of pda? does it involve fondling of private parts? how come affection of consenting adults is sanctioned? is pda a cultural matter?

Do you qualify this as PDA?

after finishing my english class for some spanish kids one wednesday december afternoon, i took a bus that will directly bring me near my place. this waiting shed is the second of almost 20 bus stops and it will take me about 45 minutes to get to plaza castilla.

since it’s the second stop, there is not much passengers on my stop. upon entering the red bus, i glanced upon a spanish guy (let’s call him, juan), who looked rather interesting and handsome. for my taste, anyway. black coat and tie. well-groomed. clean shaven. musk for men. and he looked at me in return. i went to the last row with my mp3 player hanging on my ears. juan chose to stand in the middle, which is rather odd because there were so many empty seats available for only 6 passengers.

juan walked towards me and sat on the other side of the row. i settled for the left side window seat and he took the right side aisle seat.

after 5 stops, more passengers were now taking the bus by storm. between stops, i felt juan with his furtive glances. there were now two ladies eyeing the vacant seat beside me. and the one beside juan. juan decided to move to window seat. and sensing the fleeting looks of juan, i made up my mind and stood up to sit beside him.

I remember Juan fondly.

juan started fondling his crotch to no end. he looked at me and he started unbuttoning his coat and elbowed me. without hesitation, i put my left hand on his thing. and lo and behold, mighty dick is indeed mighty.

Lucky number 7!!!

look dick look. see pretty jane.. jane fondles dick. who cares about the rest of the animals of this four-wheeled jungle?

jane hanging on!!!

(to be continued…)