The becarias and me

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This is part of the series Mondays in Africa. Today, The Light Traveller looks back to academic 2004-05 and the Filipino ladies that he shared his life with in Madrid, Spain.)

madrid – for this academic year, i had the most fortunate chance to be with 4 filipina becarias here in africa and another one in madrid. they are the following by order of their nicknames and not for anything else:

From L to R: Kay, Mayte, Moi, Clarissa, and Dixie. (Not in photo: Kim)

clarissa – who is the weirdest of them all. but she knows madrid by heart. and i really mean it. ask her anything about the goings-on of madrid, she will tell you the right spots to visit, the right shops to buy cheap items, the concerts, the libraries, the exhibits, everything under the sun in madrid. seriously now, clarissa is a highly independent woman. a discoverer of the world. going home is not a bad idea. at least, you’ll be back in your family’s arms and i’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy watching eat bulaga all over again. i still wish that you’ll take those wisdom teeth out before leaving spain. don’t lose your focus in life. as always, believe in yourself and knowing that, you will never lose your way.

With Dixie and Clarissa in Avila. November 2004.

dixie – my bus buddy to somosaguas. very silent but giggles a lot. our italian adventure with nats will always one for the books. good luck to all your endeavors in the future. ingat, friend!

kay – i flew in to madrid with kay. the well-loved becaria in the dorm. fun to talk to. never had a dull moment with her. spain is for some people but never for everybody. she was the second to leave the dorm. africa maybe over for us, but our spanish adventure is just starting. ang puso ingatan palagi. pag sinaktan ka, patayin na natin agad… vamos a sobrevivir!!!

With Mayte and Kay. Gay Pride 2005, Madrid.

mayte – i was so intimated when i first met her in manila. but i was wrong. she’s very down-to-earth and a lady with a strong sense of determination and an aura of exuding love and beauty. always willing to lend a helping hand. highly dependable. 80s dude!

kim – i never really got to know kim up close and personal because she kept her own company. she left early for the philippines after her classes. i think she’s a very smart lady with the right enthusiasm in life.

it will only be me, kay and mayte who will be left behind to try luck here in spain. we will always be a click away from each other.

i wish clarissa, dixie and kim (wherever she is now) all the best in life.

as for the other becarios out there, good luck to all of us. iggs. dan. aodh. rosanna. sandy. tita mia. berjer. i’m sure our paths will cross again. maybe in the next years when we’ll be allowed to take another luck at the becas. i hope i will be able to see tony de la cruz in person. and to prove aodh that he’s wrong.

again, muchisisisisimas gracias. era un placer conoceros! mil besos y abrazos fuertes…