A note from home

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This is a note I especially wrote for a very dear friend. I was going home to the Philippines and she decided to move to Barcelona at the same time. We arrived in Madrid together but I left her there when I realized that the Spanish capital city didn’t have much to offer me then.)

Dear Kay,

sometimes in our lives we stop by and face some crossroads.

after your holy week visit to barcelona, you emailed me about your decision to move to the catalan region. i was so happy of your decision to move and i was doubly blessed knowing that after talking to me during your visit, you decided to pack your things and take that bus when september ends.

Some things in life are permanent. Some are not. We may not be cathedrals but we are the builders of our own lives. It may take forever to build our own monument. But at least we're going to that direction.

i have faced so many diverging roads in life. and i never regretted making those turns. there have been wrong moves but with each comes a learning experience.

we all know very well that we will never stop until we find our own place under the sun. life is a continuous process and an endless search for that wonderful beach and its salty breeze where in the end we can say this is it. i am home.

We may travel our own roads but when friends cheer us up making everything worthwhile.

barcelona or spain for that matter has so many wonderful things and so much to offer, even men. i tell you they come in very handy especially during winter nights.

one thing i learned during all these years, you don’t have to be home in the philippines or with your family to feel at home. it is where you feel most happy and contented that you call your place home.

In the end, you will always find a home in my heart.

and don’t forget, wherever you maybe in this world, you always have a home in my road.

i love you.