Beautiful photographs from the heart

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This is the third part of the Lansad series. By now, you have seen photographs from 10 students. Today, here are five more pictures taken sometime during the first semester of academic year 2007-08 in Xavier University. This batch students are my first photography students when I came back to the university in April 2007. Ten years before that, digital single lens reflex or DSLR was probably still in the minds of the inventors.

After several exercises, the students were left to themselves to take their best shots according to the set of guidelines given them. One of the things that these students have not been through is the real darkroom. Having the darkroom would have spelled the difference and made everyone realize and appreciate that photography is indeed a play with light and chemicals. Never a play of some software.

Some enterprising students have gone on to venture into photography as a business, which I always believe is their own choice. I respect that. Some have remained loyal to the truest form of the art. No matter what their elections will be now and in the future, I will always know that my students will always have beautiful photographs from their hearts.

By Joy Degamo. Photography Class 2007.

By Aprille Domingo. Photography Class 2007.

By Carmi Marie Don. Photography Class 2007.

By Louise Dumas. Photography 2007.

By Grace Dy. Photography Class 2007.