When student photographers strike

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – This is the second of the Lansad series. At present, all photography students of Xavier University always go through film exercises before they graduate into the digital format. The first six exercises are always the hardest because they don’t immediately see the results of their shots. This process controls the trigger-happy animal within each of these students, who by now have been used to carelessly clicking their cameras and posing for their vanity and the ever-jumping and wacky shots.

When student photographers start shooting with their digital SLRs, there is no stopping them except for two things: when the battery runs out and when the memory card is already full. They really strike when it’s really hot. See the results below and let the photographs speak for themselves.

By Leomar Carpentero. Photography Class 2007.

By Megan Concepcion. Photography Class 2007.

By Camille Mae Cruz. Photography Class 2007.

By Vincent John Dalaota. Photography Class 2007.

By April Jhim dela Cruz. Photography Class 2007.