Launching a new breed of responsible photographers

by Evans Yonson

Barcelona – As a teacher, I have always been proud of my students. No matter what they have become later on in life, I can rightfully say that somehow they have touched my life. Hopefully they feel the same way too. Some of my friends find their life’s meanings in cases won, or cars own, or houses built, or even the number of children they have. Mine are the students that have attended my classes tirelessly, although at the beginning I always made everyone that they have to fear me. Seeing them appreciate and grow to love photography is another story to tell.

Starting in today’s entry and every Friday thereafter, I will be sharing with all of you some of my photography students’ outputs. The photographs came with a title then but I couldn’t find those anymore. Also, these photographs became part of the exhibit called Lansad: Launching a new breed of responsible photographers. The exhibit in September 2007 has been successful that it went on a floating exhibit on board Negros Navigation’s vessel, St. Joseph the Worker in October. After its Philippine tour (Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Iloilo, Bacolod, Manila and back), the photographs have been exhibited in the Cagayan de Oro Tourism Showhouse.

I hope you will see how my students have toiled and took these photographs diligently to the best of their abilities. Again, these are my trophies that I will always be proud of them and their hardwork.

By Pauline Mae Araneta. Photography Class 2007.

By Bon Aserios. Photography Class 2007.

By Merzel Bolongaita. Photography Class 2007.

By Ayn Boluhan. Photography Class 2007.

By Hannah Boyles. Photography Class 2007.