Holier than you and me

by Evans Yonson

One of the places that I have always wanted to visit in Spain is Granada.

Inside the Granada Cathedral on early Good Friday morning when devout Catholics are saying their rosary prayers and doing the station of the cross.

This ambulant store of herbs and spices will greet you once you get out of the Granada Cathedral. It has become a tourist attraction of sorts. Most of these stuffs are part of the beautiful Andalucian culture.

Water fountain with creative designs decorate the streets of Granada. The water is potable except in public parks. There is no reason why people should die of thirst in Spain. No matter how they try to convince people conserve water every year.

Consulting the Queen, carved in stone.

You might think this a dress-like-Harry Potter weekend. Nope! It's not. People know their devotion and they are very religious.

I believe that the State benefits greatly from the Church especially in Granada. The Holy Week processions are crowd-drawers and pleasers.

The processions last for almost 12 hours in every barrio.