17 things goin’ on 18.

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This originally came out in September 2005. It’s funny how after almost five years, I still don’t have some of the stuff that I have always wanted. Some I have thrown away. Some handed down to the next generation who seems not to appreciate older stuff.)

madrid – i have always been techie. it could mean that i own one or more gadgets (or planning to buy another) that is technologically designed to increase one’s productivity and that is (althought not necessarily) run by electricity or with batteries.

i have:

1. – 3. photo cameras – 2 SLRs and one digital. i left the SLRs (nikon and canon) in the philippines because it’s just a waste of money and time to buy, developing, and printing films in euros. the digital (kodak dx 4530) is very efficient and cost-effective. i could easily post photos online for all my family, friends and the world to see. sadly though those who are technologically-challenged are left to imagining how i look like now since i have never sent anybody in the philippines some printed photos of my adventure here in europe.

4. – 5. personal computers – 1 desktop and 1 laptop. the desktop is with my brother now and my nephews are enjoying their pc games at home. the laptop is what i am using to write my blogs, access, send and receive news and emails, listen to internet music, watch videos of all format. in other words, i have access to the world out there. connected to my laptop is an HP deskjet 3745 printer and speakers. and it’s has a wireless frequency capability, giving me access at any point within ciudad universitaria.

6. palmtop – since i’m the diary type of person, i write my notes in my palm m130. it’s an old model. outdated, that is. margie (trichi’s sister) bought it for me in new york. most of my blogs are based on my notes written in m130. i call it my M. it comes with a memory that stores photos of my loved ones and superfriends. it contains a directory of all friends around the world, and everything and anything that i can think of. i can also download ebooks online and upload it into M and read it later when i’m traveling.

7. a mobile phone – i committed the gravest mistake of not “opening” my nokia phone line before flying out of manila last year. when i met my spanish thesis adviser, juan, last december, he was surprised to know that i was the first filipino he met that he doesn’t have a phone. pressure!!! so, i decided to buy a new sharp gx15 mobile phone with camera. GX, as call i it, is my first non-nokia phone. it contains photos of my alex (my niece), many superfriends here in madrid, and the places that i have been to so far.

8. pen drive – i bought this 18 euros LG USB drive last april and so far, it has served its purpose. a portable disk drive containing more than 300 photos is a wonder. most of my classmates have it too.

9. professional haircutting set – since haircutting costs a lot of money here and i always go for the generic cut (1 cm cut), i decided to buy this thing. it cost me only 9 hours last december. a haircut costs 9 euros to 15 euros depending on the type of services you want in a spanish beauty parlor. imagine the money i have saved since.

10. flashlight – is this a gadget? i think so. i never leave home without this thing. always.

11. swatch watch – i’m wearing my 8th swatch. my first ever watch was a Rado. i also had a Mickey Mouse watch. watches and shoes are two of my vicious indulgences. and the others are traveling and taking photos.

what i want to have (or i don’t have yet, or will be buying soon, or most probably will be receiving soon)

12. webcam – i don’t know for all reasons why i don’t have this thing while i was in the philippines. but for some reason, i couldn’t bring myself to buy a webcam in fnac here in madrid.

13. multiple USB ports – my laptop has only one USB port and i want multiple ports so i could connect my M, printer, my digicam, and (soon) my webcam all at the same time.

14. iPod – i’m a music lover but i don’t have an iPod. not even a discman. well, i used to have one until it gave up on me after 5 years of good quality service.

15. eletric shaver – my beard and mustache grow so fast everyday now. i have to shave almost every two days that it so annoying not having now.

16. egg beater – i want to learn how to bake thus the need for an egg beater. i easily get tired beating eggs now (pun intended).

and lastly,

17. a vibrator – just joking there for now. probably, i will need it soon.

these gadgets have been and will be of good use to me now that i will be starting a new life beyond africa.