Nirvana in a sauna

by Evans Yonson

(Note: This blog was originally in September 2006 but was never published simply because I forgot to click the Publish button.)

barcelona – A friend was here over the weekend for a late summer getaway-from-it-all thing. weeks before his arrival, he has consistently and persistently craved for some sexual adventure. so on his last day here in the catalan city, we brought him to a sauna bath.

wearing his red Bench undies, his favorite and lucky charm he says, we walked to the sauna from our new place with our two fairy gaymothers – rene and ramil. he couldn’t contain his excitement as he told that it was his first time. well, his time after almost a year of being a virgin. once inside, rene and ramil showed us around – the showers, the sauna, and the rooms. well of course, the guys. mostly colombians, cubans, argentinians, and brazilians. rene and ramil told me that there are some spanish and even romanian guys. i went first with a cuban (alejandro). then ramil with a colombian (miguel). then he with his brazilian (tom). then rene with bruno (brazilian). ramil finished first. then me. then my friend. then rene.

when he  came out, he was practically and literally no longer a virgin. he could no longer claim of being a vestal virgin. we went to a bar and an old andorran man joined and asked us where we were from. and he guessed it right and he spoke highly of the filipinos being amiable, hospitable, open and warm. he sure looked like Mahatma Gandhi during non-violent resistance´s final days. i asked him to stop talking and get to the point of the day – sex. so we went up and found a room. Joaquin (that´s Gandhi´s codename) is half-body paralyzed but can still manage to walk with a limp. he is nice. and he could not handle himself very well in bed. i told him that and he volunteered to massage me. he knows his shiatsu very well. having an asian for a wife has taught him his basic zen principles. what made the encounter interesting was that he made me lie down – the lower part of my on the floor and the upper half on the bed.

relax!!! was all he said the whole time while trying to enter my body. you know what i mean… i couldn´t relax for mahatma gandhi was trying to enter my soul. relax!! after an hour, i was relaxed already and all he could do was rub me no end.

just as i was about to reach nirvana, my friends paged me…