Sense and sense

by Evans Yonson

When boredom sets in, let your senses go wild.

You can watch everything. Watch the television. Watch the news. Watch the war. Watch the cruelties of mankind. Watch the world self-destruct. Watch the day go by. Watch the children under the sun. Watch the sun rising. Watch the sun setting. Watch the night pass by. Watch the stars. Watch the lovers gaze upon the black skies of diamonds. Watch the moon. Watch the Orinoco flow. Watch the Eiffel Tower glow. Watch the Angel Falls. Watch the Great Wall. Watch the fjords of Norway. Watch the French Alps. Watch the whales of Bicol. Watch the cars pass by. Watch a movie and relax. Watch the leaves fall during autumn. Watch them turn green in spring. Watch me. Watch you. Just watch anything. Anything that moves. Anything that doesn’t.

You can listen to everything. Listen to the radio. Listen to the latest hits. Listen to world music, from Peru to Cebu, to the halls of Babylon. Listen to the environment. Listen to the wind. Listen to the trees as they bend down. Listen to the times. Listen as world leaders rule. Listen as poor people shout for food. Listen to the clock ticking away. Listen to the wasted youth. Listen to a busy street. Listen to the old people arguing nonsensical arguments. Listen to students shouting inside the bus. Listen as the brakes screech. Listen to your noisy American neighbors fucking the night away. Listen to people talking fast. Listen to me. Listen to you. Just listen to anything. Anything that has sound. Anything that creates sound.

You can smell everything. Smell the flowers. Smell the pond as ponies do. Smell the pine trees that bloom in winter. Smell the air in summer. Smell freshly washed clothes. Smell them when their dirty. Smell a farm of pigs and cows. Smell a farm of flowers. Smell the dirty air by your window. Smell your breath. Smell your armpits. Smell yourself. Smell your fart. Smell me. Smell you. Just smell anything. Anything that has odor. Anything that emits something pleasant or otherwise.

You can taste everything. Taste the honey that bees collect for you. Taste the milk that cows give you. Taste the bread that the earth, wind, water, and fire offer you. Taste the tasteless food of dormitories. Taste the food of Morocco, of Thailand, of France, of course, the Philippines. Taste the hot chilis of Mexico. Taste the chocolates of Switzerland. Taste the wine of Spain. Taste the cheese of New Zealand. Taste your sweat. Taste me. Taste you. Just taste anything. Anything that has flavor. Anything that appeals to your palate.

You can feel everything. Feel the air gushing through your windows. Feel the coolness of winter or the warmth of summer. Feel the adrenaline as matadors go for the target. Feel the rush of a goal. Feel the nails as they crucify him to the cross. Feel the needle as it digs into your foreskin. Feel the blood flowing. Feel the dentist pulling your tooth. Feel the punch of a Latino boxer. Feel the sways of a Flamenco dancer. Feel the tambourines of Egypt. Feel the immensity of your reach. Feel your heartbeat. Feel deeper, right down to the marrow. Feel me. Feel you. Just feel anything. Anything that affects me and you.

After watching, listening, smelling, tasting and feeling you, I realized you have not watched, listened, smelled, tasted and felt me too. That’s not fair. That’s not wild.

Come to think of it, this is a boring piece. But when boredom sets in, let’s go wilder!