by Evans Yonson

(Note: I wrote this essay for my high school batchmates on 4 August 2003 entitled “… lights… camera… action…”)

i love photographs. the idea of capturing a part of reality excites me no end. i have been photographed beside the reclining buddha, against the world famous banaue rice terraces, or the lesser known elephant island in marinduque. or the famous times square. or the beaches of miami. or the war relics of saigon. or skyscrapers of hongkong. or the portuguese architecture of macau. with the camiguin island on my back, the white island adventure was even more memorable with my butt exposed to the whole world.

i love photographs. i have so many photo albums with my solo pictures with no-frowns on it. i have an 2 SLR cameras. i used to develop my own black and white pictures. i have developed my own photography style. at least, i have evolved into someone that i have always wanted to be and never regretting a single pixel of myself.

i love photographs. my love for the camera led to my career in communication. i got a grade of A in my photography subject while attending the university back the late 80s. my masters in mass communication required me to take more advanced courses in photography and filmmaking… mind you, my grades were all high, which eventually led to my interests in film scriptwriting… which led me to go to new york… at least i have so many options to lean on to in times of trouble. and i dont pretend so much of what i have then and now. but one thing i am certain about – i have a future to look forward to.

i love photographs. i see photographs as memories of certain parts of reality that i may have been a part of. i never see those as nightmares. nightmares are for those who don’t know themselves then and maybe up to now. i have been gay inside and out, and i am proud.

i love photographs. i may have frowned before a camera because it was a reflection of the times then. photographs are not the complete reality. those are just certain parts of a reality. if i were to put all my photographs in a collage, it would be more of a reflection of a much happier reality.

i love photographs. because they let me see things beyond my monitor. i am not trapped inside this closet called windows.

i love photographs because they inspire me to write certain parts of reality from my own perspective. at least i can say to the camera, here i am! and in the end, i can shout to the world….