The Wind

by Evans Yonson

Charlie Brown, created by Charles Schulz in the mid-1940s, has a collection of quotations that reflect life at its simplest and most innocent. i remember when i was in senior high school when we were asked to write about something, just anything that we could think of. i wrote a piece that got my professor’s attention and that inspired me to write even more. it was the beginning of my romance with words. In the tradition of Charlie Brown, here is one theme that I am so passionate about: the wind.

the wind slaps me the cool mist of dawn that the grasses envy every time I pass this early. the wind greets me in the morning as i open my window to a brand new day with the noisy radio of some folk songs playing nearby.

the wind fills the air with the aroma of corn coffee as my Grandmother pours her first glass. The wind lifts the vapor up to reach my Grandfather’s nostrils that it awakens his senses and signals the start of his business this early morn.

The wind stands still as I light a candle in the darkness of night.

the wind blows the trees back and forth to give way to passing angels by day and fruit bats by night. the wind guides the monkeys wild as they jump from one tree to another that even Tarzan would dare not do.

As I blow air into my instrument, the wind creates music that not only pleases my senses but gives satisfaction to those who hear and feel it in their midst.

the wind bends the bamboos to earth and brings it back to air. the wind creates that unusual music when trunks and branches touch each other like the flesh of two beings crushing at some dark corners tonight.

As I bear off my body for the world to see, the wind takes my inhibitions away that only those malicious eyes see the nakedness of my soul.

the wind gives meaning to life as it enters my lungs and yours; nourishing my veins, my mind, my heart with its much needed oxygen; and as I release back my unwanted carbon to become the wind all over again.

the wind gives significance to death as it exits a lifeless creature. the wind cools everyone in a hot summer’s day. the wind blows warm air to dry my balding head.

I cross the distance between you and me as the wind breaks that distance bringing you even closer.

the wind dries the wet clothes and towels that i put out of my window. the wind dries my tears away as some worthless creature found me worthless and dirty. the wind carries all my woes as this creature glides past that door. the wind whispers softly in my ears his sweet-nothings; but frightens me when his temper hits hysterical proportions.

In the silence of my chaotic world, I find solace in the gustling wind of a disturbing shoreline. As I sit in this hard corner of the jungle, the breeze brings back the peacefulness that I have longed for since the birth of civilization.

but the wind brings me peace as lay down in bed alone, breathing slowly, taking life as it comes.