Perfect! Almost…

by Evans Yonson

(Note: I wrote this entry 12 September 2005 while eagerly waiting for my departure from the Colegio Mayor Universitario de Nuestra Senora de Africa in Madrid, where I lived for the first year of my life in Spain.)

madrid – i don’t know how they measure one’s vision. but many years ago, i was told that i had 20/20 vision. since age is catching up on me now, i don’t think if i will have to get perfect superman vision again.

slowly as my physical vision’s grades are hitting the 200s, my inner vision is becoming more of a gift and a curse.

you see, i discovered that i have a third-eye in august of 1990. i had a vision of a funeral but i didn’t know who it was. i was standing infront of everybody and i was saying something that i couldn’t decipher when i woke up. when my diko came over and told me about my tatay’s (my dad) accident then i realized that he was going to die on that day. a week after there i was infront of my family’s friends, in the funeral of my tatay.

in december of 2004, a night before some becarios went to portugal, i dreamt that something interesting was going to happen there. in lisboa, i told Nats to sleep beside me but i didn’t tell him anything because knowing him i thought i would be giving him the creeps. i insisted but to no avail. he fell from grace. and i told him after about the dream and he had goosebumps.

when i was asked by the dorm administration to move up from the basement to the sixth floor, i was hesitant because i was getting negative vibrations about room 604. true enough, the first week was a nightmare. i dreamt every night, somebody was strangling me. every night. in early spring, i was told that many years ago, somebody who lived in 604 jumped off the window and died.

i have dreamt and seen so many things about my friends and family. sometimes, i am afraid to go to sleep anymore because i don’t want to see morbid images. i was told that i have this gift. is it really a gift? or is it a curse that i will develop as my physical vision loses its strength?

be it a gift or a curse, i just want to wait and see. and keep those dreams, nightmares and what have you coming. and as for 20/20, i think it’s a sign of ripping more pages off my calendar. old age, donna…