No longer a boy. Almost a man now.

by Evans Yonson

As a traveller, I move around carrying the values that my parents and siblings have taught me all these years. The values teach me how to deal with strangers especially in a foreign land. My siblings are so special to me because we grew up together and supporting each other consciously sometimes and unconsciously most of the time. I have three brothers and a sister. We have shared numerous special moments together with our mother when we were younger. Today, we only look back to those times when we had to clean the house together, prepare the table for Christmas dinner and so on. My older brothers have children now. Manoy Bobong and Adis are blest with three boys, Onin, Patpat, and Imboy. The boys are into sports. Basketball. Football. Chess. And since they have the same sports interest, they always end up supporting each other. Imboy is  into football. He has gone on to play the National Games (Palarong Pambansa) playing for Northern Mindanao. Today is Imboy’s special day. My nephews are growing up faster than I am getting older every year. Here’s one wish that someday when our travels are done, the next generation will continue the legacy that we have started but doing it their own greater and better ways. I may be good in something but Imboy is a lot better than me in more ways than I could ever imagine in my life. He’s younger and the future looks brighter and very promising for him. Happy birthday, Im! I love you always.

Below are some photos of Imboy from my archives.

With cousin, Alexis taken during the Cagayan de Oro Fiesta Parade, August 2007.

With Manoy Onin and Ate Lyds. Taken at our home in Cagayan de Oro.

One of those vanity shots when they take turns using my camera. Taken in my younger brother's place in Bukidnon.

Because he got scolded by his father, Imboy cried and ended up sleeping. Are those crocodile tears? Or something else?

If there's one thing commong among the boys in the family, it is the love for the gamefowls.

The whole family so far. Taken during my homecoming in April 2007.

Our latest photo together taken before my flight back to Barcelona in 2006.