the bridge falling

by Evans Yonson

Upon the persistent but sincere invitation of a dear friend, my wish of seeing London has been realized in mid-spring of 2005. Touching down at Gatwick Airport early is a breeze. Less passengers arriving means less traffic on the highway going to Central London. Everybody seems to be getting out of England this weekend. Andy arrives to pick me up and brings me home to meet Victoria, who is a great guide in visiting the Queen in Buckingham Palace and seeing those Greek artifacts in the British National Museum. Later on in the week, Rey, another very dear friend, shows me even more.

The Queen is in!

Changing of the Palace Guards.

The Queen's "flowers" seen outside Buckingham.

Just one of those London bridges "falling down!"

The UK Parliament.

Aboard the British Airways' London Eye.

With the lovely Rey, the real London Eye.