Farming a Dream. Dreaming a Farm.

by Evans Yonson

Last summer, I was given the chance to realize a long time dream – to be a real farmer, a practicing sustainable agriculture farmer. Thanks to my dear friend, Sir Vic Tagupa, Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Center of Xavier University, I lived the life of a farmer even for just a month in Cagayan de Oro City.

I have always wanted to be a farmer. Before I graduated from high school, I was interviewed for a possible scholarship to study Agriculture in the university. But my father had his way of violently coercing me to take another course. While everyone thought that I was preparing myself for a pre-law career, I proved them wrong. I took Sociology and Development Communication at the same time. What my family didn’t know was that the Development Communication was and still is under the College of Agriculture. Some of the projects we had then had something to do with improving the lives of farmers and the less fortunate ones. But I never had that farming fun then. My friends who studied Agriculture looked like they were having so much fun while going through the university. I had my fun but not much as I wanted it to be. I knew I will have my fair share of fun. After 24 years of wishful thinking, I finally got to feel how it is to be a farmer. A real farmer.

Being pulled by a  Philippine water buffalo is hard. But always fun.

Analyzing the chemical content of some vegetables. Organic is the best.

Learning how to be an enterprising farmer. Baking some organic cookies.

Learning from the best lady farmer the techniques of sustainable farming.

My fellow farmers at a sustainable farm in Mindanao. It’s possible.

Even farmers go to the beach. More sun. More fun.