Breaking sex

by Evans Yonson

I went to Copenhagen recently to visit a very good friend, who has been egging me to see her again and walk the city of Hans Christian Andersen. After so much persuasion and postponement of visit dates, I finally flew to this Scandinavian city the first weekend of December. First stop was the famous Little Mermaid statue, a must-see and must-go destination in Copenhagen. I was a bit disappointed and at the same time glad. Disappointed because I thought she was bigger. Glad because I finally saw her but she’s cold and damp.

A Filipino nurse-friend, based in London, met up with me in Copenhagen and we both stayed at my Danish friend’s house. Being not used to early sunset in December, we were kind of surprised that around 6pm, it was already pitch-black and Jamie (my friend) suggested that we go to a sauna the next day. Insistent that he was, I finally agreed and went with him around the city center to hunt for that infamous sauna/bathhouse in Copenhagen.

How fitting for this sauna to be called Amigo Sauna. It’s on a not-to-be missed street because it’s only a corner away from the Copenhagen City Hall and the famous Tivoli. There was light downpour before we entered the sauna and Jamie, the sauna expert/veteran, was all set and ready to paint the dark side red. It’s a no-fuss sauna. You enter and that’s it. Shower here. Dry up there. Then you start cruising in your best form. The people in there, not necessarily Danes because the Climate Change Summit, were hot. I immediately lost Jamie in less than 10 minutes.

Groping in the dark, well not-so-dark, alleys of the sauna was like entering the cinema suddenly at 4pm when the sun is still up and you see nothing no matter how you open your eyes. Someone touched my shoulders and turned around to see a tall and well-built man. He looked like a Viking who just came from a war overseas ready to crush his Asian serf if his desires are not addressed right at the moment. This Viking, tall and hairy, had his horns ready as he came down and conquered this Eastern maiden. Contrary to popular belief, this Viking was clean shaven and well groomed with a splash of musk under his cheeks. He was rough but gentle at times, stopping for awhile to ask how I was doing up there.

Suddenly, a shout is heard in the middle of nowhere. My companion is now ready to go home. I can not understand while people have to hurry up when you’re just in mid-air. When you are just starting to hang on to something exciting and horny, someone breaks that moment. Perhaps next time I will hang my Viking so I can easily leave him there without breaking my own bar. Or perhaps I will just hang my friend outside to freeze.