My first public disrobing

by Evans Yonson

This is my first blog and I want it to be as memorable as my first sex. I have to disrobe myself then introduce myself to you. Or is it the other way around? Introduce first then disrobe? Don’t you just love the former more than the latter? I am removing my old Nike running shoes now.

I am Evans. I was born in Cagayan de Oro, south of the Philippines and north of the Mindanao island. Cagayan de Oro is the country’s City of Golden Friendship. My parents were government employees. My Dad was with the Department of Labor and my dear Mom worked with the City Government. I have 4 siblings and all married now.

The socks smell a bit. Sorry about that.

I studied in a Jesuit university from grade school to my university degree in Sociology and Development Communication, where I honed my love for writing. After graduation, I went on to work with a non-government organization that dealt with agrarian reform and rural development which was based in the university then.

Now, the denim jacket. This jacket was given by a good friend of mine.

I finished my Masters in Communication major in Broadcasting from the State University. I used to work with the Department of Labor – Central Office in Intramuros. At the same time, teaching communication – film and media management – in a religious college in Manila. On weekends, I travelled outside of the metropolis. Baguio. Sagada. Banaue. Kalinga. Apayao. Cagayan Valley. Pagudpud. Bicol. Marinduque. Mindoros. Batangas. Laguna. Quezon. Palawan. During summer, I went farther. Hongkong. Thailand. China.

Then a sweater. These clothes are killing me.

After years of slaving my butt with the government and standing infront of ingrate and senseless people, I decided to cross the Pacific and ventured into the infamous Big Apple. Bright lights never fail to amuse me. Busy streets and races of different colors and shades.

The pants come next. Don’t worry, I wear boxers.

In the Big Apple, I saw many things that I thought I would never see in my entire life. New York. Manhattan. New Jersey. Philadelphia. Maryland. West Virginia. Maine. Masachusetts. Miami. Fort Lauderdale. Fields of green. Skies of blue. Clouds of white. And I think to myself…..

Let’s remove my shirt first…

I came back to the country with so much learning. Refreshed. Untouched by foreign organs. There’s always such a thing as sariling atin. Cut to the bones. I resigned from government service and quit my teaching job. I joined a new non-government organization that deals with trade unions in the public sector. I also started to study again a foreign language, this time Spanish. Porque? Por que, la lengua es muy interesante. Hay mucha gente en el mundo que habla Espanol.

Want me to remove my undies now? Opps. No. Least I be banned forever from blogging. I am now in pajamas.

It’s so hot right now. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that I’m back in Spain. I came here first in 2004. I studied Masters in International Cooperation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After my masters, I worked for an international NGO in Madrid for nine months and I moved to Barcelona and stayed there for another nine months before finally deciding to go back to the Philippines in 2007.

Pajamas and WordPress. Aren’t those good partners to wind up a late spring/early summer day in Barcelona?

Like I said, I’m back in Spain. But before that, I was in the Philippines for 18 months teaching in the university, photography, video/filmmaking and writing. It was fun to be with university students all over again. I introduced two annual events: Lansad (a photography exhibit) and Estreno (a short film festival).

It’s really hot today.

I’m back in Europe for another shot at the academe but this time at the University of Barcelona. I have been here for two years now and it’s been a roller coaster since then. And I could use some break away from it all this summer.

A very cold sangria on the side with some spicy chorizo while waiting for the real thing is great tonight.

Join me in this personal disrobing and travelling through life.