Entrevista: The True Miss Universe! (Cal Alde)

by Evans Yonson

The Light Traveller (TLT): Tell us a background of yourself.

Cal Alde (CA): I went all the way. I studied in Yale university. I am currently employed. I am purely married not single. Two children. I am enjoying life the world has to offer. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, allow me to tell you an anecdote:

“When I was on my mother’s womb she said, “whatever comes out, boy or girl, my child will have the same name of this year’s Miss Universe. My mother was a beauty queen and a prize winning ballroom dancer. She prophecied that I will win beauty contest and travel all over the world to spread peace, tolerance and mutual understanding. The Miss Universe creed.”

Well, reality! NO and YES!  NO!! She did not have a girl. YES! Her son won beauty pageants way before turning “18 years old” and YES!!! Her son travelled all over the world and so far, has travelled 230 cities all over the world except South America. That will be my next project in the next 6 to 12 months.  YES! Her son spread peace, tolerance and mutual understanding by entering the ultra hardest military service in the whole world -the United States Marines and even fought and supported five different wars: in Nicaragua, Panama, Somalia, Liberia and the first Persian Gulf War. I guess, I might not have competed in the actual Miss Universe pageant, but my mother is very proud that I am fullfilling her dream of spreading peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding.  It might sound like a fantasy to most but I am living my fantasy in reality. Enjoy the ride. Peace!

TLT: That was a nice and enlightening introduction there. What circumstances brought you here now?

CA: Not my choice, my parents moved here in the US for work reasons since I was 3 years old

TLT:How often do you travel in a year?

CA: Once or twice a month to refresh my body and soul, so that will be over 15 times.

TLT: Would you travel alone?

CA: No, I rather be with my husband when I travel.

TLT: Or with your family?

CA: Yes!

TLT: Or with friends?

CA: Yes!

TLT: Why?

CA: I feel protected when I am with people I know and trusted. It is easy for me to trust, my weakness.

TLT: How do you travel? By car? By bus? By plane? By boat?

CA: All of the above! As long as there are people, I love to travel, meeting and talking to different people and culture makes me feel intelligent. I lkie to know what people think.

TLT: What is the farthest place that you have travelled to away from your present residence?

CA: India

TLT: Why the distance?

CA: I love books and picutres. My favorite is history and it is easier to find out oneself because of the places I travelled and the people I meet.

TLT: Do you buy souvenir items during your travels?

CA: Dolls for me. I love dolls very much. Shot glass for joe lozano.

TLT: Do you take photographs during your travels? Why?

CA: Thousands!!! My way of remembering chronologically where we are, where we’ve been. With all the travels we cannot keep up sometimes. Not being boasty, but sometimes when we tell stories we overlap..

TLT: Do you have any particular poses/shots that you want wherever you travel? If yes, how did this come about? Please explain thoroughly.

CA: My signature shot was the jump shot! It shows how I really feel! Fun, fabulous, and freaky!

TLT: Travel light? Travel heavy? Why?

CA: HEAVY! I haven’t learned the art of travelling light even if I try to cut down…

TLT Backpack? Luggage? Why?

CA: Oh please no backpack for me!!! LUGGAGE! When we travel, we travel for fun and for relaxation. I would not travel just to take pictures of the places I have been , I have to look good as well and besides there are bellmen and porters to help with my bags… I have spent all year working so hard and my trip is not for me to WORK more…

TLT: What’s in your backpack/luggage when you travel? Complete details, please…

CA: The must: shoes at least 5 pair of shoes for running, casual walk, formal walk, formal functions, casual functions… I’ll show you some pictures, moisturizer, SPF 75 lotion, daytime clothes and nightime clothings.

TLT: How many days are the longest time when you travel? Why?

CA: 4 weeks. You couldn’t absorb the beauty of a country and its people without taking the time to do it and time is of essence…

TLT: When and where was the last travel?

CA: UK, Italy, french riviera For how long? 3 ½ weeks

TLT: What do you usually look for in the city of your destination? Why?

CA: Friends we met and the Travel Channel. We feel protected when there are people we know to all the places we go.

TLT: Tour guide books?

CA: Yes.

TLT: Local? Why?

CA: Yes Researching the places we go to gives me the close look on what the culture is all about and through past experience it is nice to introduce yourself when your in a different country. Introduce meaning knowing a bit of their language and culture and it does goes a long way…

TLT: Any particular country/city that you want to travel to? Why?

CA: South america We’ve never been in south america. We have enjoyed Asia, Europe and Africa that we neglect our South American friends.

TLT: Do you always plan what to do during your travel?

CA: Planning is of essentials to life as well as travelling.

TLT: Or are you spontaneous?

CA: Yes! I feel like wanting to eat in and out burger so I booked a ticket for 2 to California for a long weekend to have in and out burger. That was when the economy was strong. I think it would take a few more years to duplicate that craziness.

TLT: Describe the feeling (is it satisfaction or exhaustion) you have/get after such travel?

CA: When careful planning is done it is always a very satisfying feeling. Meeting friends along the way adds icing to the cake.